New Drivers

With ABACUS Driving School we provide lessons in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere using proven driving techniques to help you learn to drive, and towards passing your test. We welcome both new and older drivers, and will construct your lessons to your own individual need.

Each individual student will have their own training record and syllabus whcih they can follow and understand the lesson plans and the next step in their training and development. With this in mind we reach an agreement on your training needs - which will boost your confidence and understanding of roadcraft, in a safe and progressive manner, allowing you to see "the road ahead" in all respects.

Each lesson begins at a place of your convenience, at a reasonable location you specify. Lessons may finish at the same place or at another reasonable location of your choice. If you have different collection points and return points, periods of notice may be required.

In order to start you must:

- Be at least 17 years old &Have a provisional driving licence

You can apply for a provisional driving licence at the Post Office.

(Applications will be accepted up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.)